Herbal Deo

Why Herbal Deodorant

Powered by Herbs, Herbal Deo Changed Deodorant in 6 Rebellious Ways.

Outrageously Effective

Herbal Deo is clinically proven to BLOCK body odor all day and continues for 15 Days

Total Odor Control

No more worries about body odor during workouts or stressful days. Total Odor Control

Apply Anywhere You Have Odor

Think armpits, under boobs, belly buttons, tummy folds, butt cracks, thigh creases, vulvas, balls, and feet.


Herbal deo

Armpit Deodorant Cream

Chemical-Free Confidence

Our formula is proudly free of harsh chemicals, such as aluminum and parabens.

Herbal Marvel

The herbal ingredients in Herbal Deo are a winner for me. Good to knowing I'm using natural products

The Only Deodorant of Its Kind

Rather than neutralizing or covering up odor after it forms, Herbal Deo blocks odor from happening in the first place.


Product Introduction

Herbal Deo keeps your armpits odor free for about 15 days In Single use and let you sweat odor free. Made from traditional herbs medicine, it is very safe and natural!

  • Filling method

    Pure aluminum composite plastic film with 4-sided sealing

  • Packet dimensions

    Net content: 0.8g/pack * 2

  • Box dimensions

    7.8x9.6x2.5 cm
    Quantity 12 Packs Net weight: 19.5 gram
    Box Net Weight: 60 gram

  • Carton dimensions

    60 * 38 * 20cm
    Total Boxes Per Carton: 200
    Net weight: 12 KG


Packaging method:

The production process of the small paper box: gold plating+concave convex+UV treatment, color printing, with a layer of plastic film covered by thermal shrinkage, which is the kind of plastic film used for cigarette boxes, the picture on the right shows the small paper box.
12 packs/Box, 200 Boxes/Carton box

Box dimensions :7.8x9.6x2.5 cm
Carton dimensions: 60 * 38 * 20cm, Net weight: 12 KG